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Black Syndicate
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Big Rock or Poop Monster?

Khazidea99, May 25, 11 4:43 PM.
So the debate got heated on whether Cazic Thule is indeed a Big Rock or a Poop Monster... The debated ended when Darth's 5 year old decided for us that Cazic Thule is in fact a big Poop Monster. Once that mystery was solved we decided it was time he died. Poor Cazic Thule is not getting any love.

I still say Cazic Thule is a big rock!

Big Red and Dead!

Khazidea99, May 21, 11 5:07 PM.
So people said we'd never field a force to kill a dragon at all hours of the night, but what's that old saying, A picture is worth a million words?

He aint so tough now is he?

Khazidea99, May 2, 11 3:10 AM.
So we ask ourself... what's the best way to kill a giant bird? and we come to the answer a giant sliding glass door. However lacking this technology we decided to do it the hard way. and here it is

But once was not enough. He just had to respawn taunting us, begging us to just kill him again... and BAM he's dead again:

You would think that The Spiroc Lord would learn his lesson after the first two times, but well birds are not known for their intelligence. So yet again we teach him a lesson a 3rd time.

3 dead Spiroc Lords is good for a single nights working having cleared all the prior isles, stay tuned for even more farming to come! Now we will find ourselves a giant fly swatter, then it's off to bixie hunting!

The Dragons are scared of us!

Khazidea99, Apr 29, 11 3:00 PM.
Well after about a 12 hour session sitting in vox's room she refused to show up. Then of course EoE who claims they are "not threatened" by us and we're nothing more than "scabs" has to sit on vox's spawn point despite us being first and saying we could have the first shot. I would ask if we are not competition then why did they decide not to let us take a shot at vox huh? Then of course we end up forcing a GM roll and losing, 12 hours lost all thanks to the always nice and friendly EoE! Oh well next time we win the roll and GM forces them to leave! We will get that dragon, with the 30 man raid force we had, no dragon can stand up to us.


Khazidea99, Apr 29, 11 2:56 PM.
After a very late night PoSky raid we cleared all the way from Isle 1 to Isle 5, and though most of our raid force had logged and we had 17 people left, we still Kicked some bird ass and The Spiroc Lord did not escape our ire.

Darth unfortunately was our camera man and supposed to take the screenshot, but I guess he left the lens cap on.... So here is a recreation of the picture, I'm sure nobody will now the difference.

Soon we are gonna be pushing the advancement even faster through sky, skipping over the first few Aisles entirely
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